How to Sell Heirloom Furniture

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There comes a time when:

a. You become tired of your furniture and need a major update, or

b. You have a friend or family member who has lots of older furniture and other items that no one else in the family can use.

What to do? Here’s a quick guide on how to sell your heirlooms that doesn’t involve your becoming a Craigslist or eBay expert. Notice I said, “heirlooms”. You must first establish if you have any antiques.  Is the item over 100 years old? Does it have historical significance or a beautiful patina? Then it may be an antique, and should first be appraised.

Anything younger falls into “vintage” or “collectible” category meaning that it could be either an older reproduction of an antique or a piece made less than 99 years ago that is representative of the style at the current time. A good example of the latter is mid-century modern.


Charles S. Pharr Jr., the owner of  Aardvark Antiques & Estate Liquidations  and Four Seasons Auction Gallery has some great advice. The first being, set reasonable expectations as some heirlooms might not be worth as much as you think. The dark woods than one generation loved doesn’t have the same appeal to everyone. Here’s a simple step by step approach.


Your parents and even you may have an idea as to how much it is worth, but you won’t know for sure until a professional appraises it. Either way, knowing exactly how much it is worth can help you sell it without shortchanging yourself.


Take several photos of the heirloom, including any special markings. Make note of its appearance, condition, and those same markings, as well. If you decide to contact an expert for a second opinion or an auction house, you’ll need to provide as much information as possible.

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Take a look online and see if there is a market for the heirloom you want to sell. Are people selling similar items? Are people in search of those items? Are there message boards, communities, social media pages, and other sites dedicated to collecting those items? Google what you are trying to sell and take a look at current prices.


There are many outlets for selling heirlooms and antiques:

  • Advertise on Craigslist or eBay;
  • Conduct your own yard/estate sale;
  • Bring in a professional estate sale company for a total liquidation (usually right before a house is put on the market)
  • Consign the furniture; or
  • Send the furniture to be auctioned.

When evaluating estate sale or auction companies be sure to read each company’s contract which should clearly delineate how much they charge, what services they provide, and give an estimated timeline, as well as post-sale documentation and payment.

Advertising is critical. How do they do it? How many websites will your items or sale be featured? Do they have a large social media presence and large following? How many people are on their mailing list?



If you want to get rid of the item quickly, you may have to take a price cut. But if you choose an option like consignment, the right buyer will eventually come along and pay more.

Here are some resources, although they are not endorsements:

Professional Appraisal:

Consignments, Estate Sales and Auctions:


Senior Transitions:

Done and Done, Amanda Thrasher, 404-819,0374
Amanda’s team will manage the process of downsizing including selling family heirlooms and managing the move.


National Clean Out Your Garage Day is Saturday, September 9

Love Now Sell Later Lesa Bell Atlanta Real Estate

Today I am re-posting the ultimate recycling guide just in time for National Clean Out Your Garage Day. As we all know, you can’t just put everything in the trash. To help, I even have locations listed where you can donate the most hard-to-recycle items that tend to pile up. Sign up for my by-monthly newsletter or subscribe to be the first to receive the all-new version for 2018. Just in time for post-holiday clean out!

How to De-Clutter and Recycle in Atlanta

Love Your House: Time to Clean out and Recycle


Did Santa bring electronics for the kids this Christmas? Have any old cell phones or tvs sitting around your house? Any non-working tree lights sitting in a box somewhere? What about paint cans?  If you want to love your house and make it easy to sell later, don’t go into the new year with clutter. You can recycle it at the CHaRM facility, a permanent drop-off facility for hard to recycle materials, created by Live Thrive Atlanta.

CHaRM’s annual Holiday Clean up begins on January 7th. You can take your wrapping paper, electronics, tree lights, packaging, clothing,  tree.

The following items can be recycled at no cost:

  • Plastics/clean, dry, empty plastic bags/ film packaging/grocery bags
  • Plastic food containers #1-#2-#5, clean and dry
  • Paper: magazines/office paper/newspaper/phone-books
  • Glass bottles and jars (food grade only)
  • Metal (steel, iron, brass, aluminum, or copper)
  • Metal food cans(please wash)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Printer cartridges
  • Textiles
  • Styrofoam(please wash)
  • Batteries(Zinc Carbon, Button,Lithium,Rechargeable, Car)
  • Household fats/oil/grease
  • Carpet/Padding (Wall to wall only. Rugs only if reusable)
  • Waxed Cartons (Broth, Milk, Juice)
  • Wine Corks

Items with a processing fee:

  • Paint – latex and oil base  (First five 1-gallon cans free, each additional $2. First two 5-gallon buckets free, each additional $3.)
  • Household chemicals  (First two gallons or pounds are free. each additional $2 per gallon or pound)
  • Electronics (TV’s and monitors $15, TV’s must be intact)
  • Tires (First two no charge, each additional $2 unless a council member event. YOU must unload.)
  • Mattresses ($10 per set)
  • Propane Tanks ($10)
  • Large Appliances ($10)
  • Thermometers ($5)
  • Smoke Detectors ($5)
  • Alkaline Batteries ($1 per pound)
  • Bulbs ( First 2, 4ft & 6ft Fluorescent are free each additional $.50)
  • CFL Bulbs (First 5 are free each additional $.50)
  • Paper Shredding (paper is placed in a secure bin, Iron Mountain picks up once a week. Two bankers boxes are free each additional $2.00)

For a list of all items accepted , directions and hours visit: