Buckhead Security Plan is Announced

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Announced in December, the Buckhead Security Plan is a public/private partnership which intends to address Buckhead crime problems. The plan is a cooperative effort of 11 key community groups including:

  • the Buckhead Coalition
  • the Buckhead Community Improvement District
  • Livable Buckhead
  • Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods
  • City of Atlanta
  • Atlanta Police Department
  • Atlanta Police Foundation
  • Businesses groups including Simon Properties – the owner of Lenox Square

We are all familiar with the issues: theft, murder, street racing, water sellers, restaurants and homes operating as clubs. The Buckhead Security Plan will enhance enforcement of existing laws as well as confront the underlying problems which have brought frustration to many Buckhead residents and businesses. The plan will increase surveillance, police presence and enforcement as well as tackle police retention, and alcohol licensing and other permitting issues.

APD efforts will now be augmented by private security as well as participation by the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office. An integrated communications system will be introduced which will allow private security firms already patrolling neighborhoods and businesses to interact with the APD. A comprehensive grid of license plate readers and cameras will be installed throughout Buckhead. Special focus will be placed on identifying and regulating nuisance properties, and party houses which, in many instances, are related to criminal activity. A youth initiative will target juvenile crime. Read more about the Buckhead Security Plan.

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