Freshen Your Home’s Appeal With a Trip to Stock & Trade

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Need a home refresh? Take a stroll through Stock & Trade housed in the former location of the old Hill Street Market at 1357 Collier Road. Because the designs are classic, it is the perfect spot to blend a few new pieces into your current home for an instant update. Prices are affordable and they have everything from furniture to candles.

Beautiful lighting and tables and chairs immediately caught my eye and I was so pleased with the prices. accessories, unique objects, and antiques, as well as, custom pieces from local artisans. We’re committed to providing beautiful and affordable home furnishings…pieces infused with clean lines, modern sensibility, and classic style, making them a desirable part of your décor for years to come. Our design team will be happy to consult with you as you work to make your space special and uniquely your own.

Pretty headboards and the perfect spot to find a new chandelier or set of lamps that won’t break the bank.

Look at the pillow selection and those modern vases.

You can even find bathroom vanities.

Need a little professional guidance? Ask me for a recommendation. You will not only appreciate the new look but your listing photos will be current and appealing to buyers when the time to sell arrives.

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