How Home Interiors Are Changing as Quickly as Women’s Fashion and Why It Matters

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Home interiors are changing as quickly as women’s fashion. In an environment when people can change their interiors quickly and affordably with Wayfair and Target, your home can’t look stodgy and stale if it is going to attract buyers.

Stephanie Kraus Design

Today’s Instagram-trained buyers see attractive images daily. While you can’t be expected to present a perfectly on trend home, you can take simple steps to get the streamlined look that will enable buyers to see the house and not your furnishings. Invite an objective set of eyes to give you a truthful first impression – and listen. An experienced realtor and a staging professional can give you practical ways to appeal to today’s buyers.

Stephanie Kraus Designs

Your home should be an open, serene environment for potential buyers. Allow for breathing space by not overcrowding with your items so they can easily envision their lives in the rooms. A clean, uncluttered and attractive home will present your home in the best possible light.

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Paint is usually the first step a staging professional employs to update the overall appearance. Wall art is also evaluated, rearranged and sometimes rented. Accessories and photos are culled. Lighting and hardware are inexpensive ways to update your look.

Studio McGee

Start removing excess items before you think about selling your house. Items that bring you happy memories to you are simply visual clutter and a distraction to a buyer who is viewing your home quickly. Remove dated window coverings and over-sized furniture. Keep a consistent theme throughout the house so that people can flow smoothly from one room to the next.

Take pictures of your rooms and see how they look. It will help you become objective. Check out online photos of your competition to see how you stack up. Sorry but it really is a contest that you want to win.

Joanna Gaines

Clear out your kitchen and bathrooms as if you are moving within 30 days. If you are a little uncomfortable with the minimalism, that’s good. The goal is to sell your home quickly. Professional organizers can help you get on track.

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Neutral linens are the best as you want buyers to see the room not the bed. White sheets and towels give a relaxing spa feel.

Carefully preparing your home will bring you the best possible price and will put you steps ahead in the moving process. Let me help you make the move with my team of staging professionals, organizers and contractors.

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