Love Your House, and Add Value by De-cluttering and Cleaning

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Now is the perfect time to de-clutter, clean and freshen your home. You will love the new look and also be increasing the value of your home.

Take a look at some of the living spaces on my Pinterest page. Does the simplicity appeal to you?  Do you see clutter and too many small collectibles? We know the answer to that last question, don’t we? No, no and no.

You know what else? Homebuyers are attracted to clean, simple, neutral rooms because they are looking for a clean and organized lifestyle, A clean and organized house imparts a message to homebuyers that your house is well cared for, properly maintained, and ready to be sold. Dirt and dirty smells signal dread to most buyers.

uncluttered family room love now sell later

For a fresh start, or as part of your pre-lisging action plan,  trash and donate excess items, then tackle the dirt. I mean really, really clean. Here’s a list to get you started. Also see my Pinterest page on cleaning and maintenance tips.

  • Baseboards
  • Door and window frames
  • Move and clean under furniture
  • Wash all of your interior windows.
  • Put a Swifter mop to your walls and corners.
  • Vacuum your upholstery.
  • Have your carpets and often-used upholstery cleaned.
  • Clear out and clean the inside of your closet. Now is the perfect time to donate coats you no longer wear.
  • Wipe down your kitchen cabinets-inside and out.
  • Clean your comforters, duvets and blankets, mattress pads, and bed skirts.
  • Clean light fixtures.

After your purging and cleaning your house will look and smell wonderful and you’ll feel better about your fresh start, making it easy love your house now and sell it later at a higher value.

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