Easy Home Updates from Serena & Lily

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I can’t resist a few freshening touches after the Christmas decorations are taken down and I’ve made several trips to recycle and purge the things that are sitting around and driving me crazy. Today I stopped by Serena & Lily to get a little inspiration.

Lamps and tables are easy and affordable ways to modernize even a traditional home to give it a curated look. Here are some of my finds.

If you have a dark, older model end table that is screaming Grandma’s house (not that it’s a bad thing) update with a light, airy metal table.

Sorry about those shadows! They are from the tassels attached to the pretty pillows that the store would not let me photograph because they weren’t perfectly arranged.

New chairs make a difference. By the way, I miss my Christmas trees. I had two this year. The regular one with all of the ornaments (neutral of course) and one in my den where I’m held hostage to football game viewing. It was small and in a basket and I only decorated it with lights. I miss it so much, I was tempted to get this fiddle head fake, but I don’t do fakes so I resisted.

I LOVE this lamp so much that I’m sharing the link here.

Love these bathroom rugs, and the basket they are in. By the way, have you looked at your bathroom rugs lately? Mine are looking sad. New textured rugs are a great way to distract buyers away from not-exactly-current bathroom tile.

Three of my favorite house-loving updates: a lamp, art and a pretty tray. It’s amazing how happy they will make you feel and become a place for a potential buyers to rest their eyes when entering a room.

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