Floral Inspiration from the Peachtree Garden Club Christmas Home Tour

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The Peachtree Garden Club’s 11th annual Christmas Home Tour, was today featuring four historic homes including one which hosted the “Gone with the Wind” cast party in 1939 and a Neil Reid classic built in 1900.

I try not to miss the Peachtree Garden Club Christmas Home Tour because I love homes and enjoy the Instagram-worthy florals so much. 

This classic mantel with greenery  was the backdrop for a dramatic rose arrangement.  

Such pretty colors here.

Another classic mantel, this time in the master bedroom had a surprise arrangement of white flowering cabbages.

What tree doesn’t look beautiful in front of a wall of iron windows.

This simple and small arrangement brightens a corner table.

Live flocked trees flank the sofa in the family room. 

Lemon cypress always brings bright color and feathery texture. Here they added to a breakfast table arrangement.

These pretty silver trees aren’t floral but they are simple and sparkling.

Soup tureen planted with orchids.

Roses with pearlized floral pins make you take a second look. Available at Michael’s.

Thanks for letting me share my favorites with you. 

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