My Favorite Green Cleaning Products

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Being picky about smells is what began my interest in green cleaning products.

Once I started using them, I noticed that I preferred not having my home invaded by chemical smells and I started saving money too. When buyers walk into your home, a clean and fresh smell is the goal, unaided by floral room deodorizers or chemical cleaning smells and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that you are taking care of God’s creation.

Here are my go to products.


I use this for kitchen counters, bathrooms, and anywhere. It has a great, fresh scent, and needs no rinsing. I buy this at Publix and Kroger.



It comes in wipes too!


Formulated for bathrooms, this enzyme-activated cleaner also needs no rinsing and smells great! For tough germs, let it sit on the surface for an extra 5-10 minutes. This won’t eliminate built-up soap scum but works well for the germiest areas of your bathroom or pet areas. I find this at Kroger.


The top-rated natural toilet bowl cleaner is from Seventh Generation. It earns high marks from the Environmental Working Group and is a consumer favorite. I like it for its woodsy smell. I usually buy this at Target.


Somehow a spray of mint just makes life better. Aura Cacia room mists come in several scents. They are all natural and you’ll never think about using Febreeze ever again. All scents are available at Whole Foods.


Lately I’ve been using vinegar to clean out my water bottle, stainless steel appliances and windows. You don’t get much more basic than vinegar. Here are other ways to clean with vinegar.


I don’t own Soft Scrub. Baking soda cleans most pots and pans and my kitchen drain. Here are other ways to clean with baking soda.


My professional carpet cleaner told me to immediately put hydrogen peroxide on pet accidents. It was scary at first, but it sure works. See other uses for hydrogen peroxide.


Tattie in car


Which brings me to this precious little one. At 15 1/2 years old, she is making me an expert at pet stain and odor removal. For the record, I don’t care what the green rating is because this stuff just works.


Spray it on the carpet or upholstery and it’s like it never happened. It has a neutral smell.

Share your green cleaning secrets if you have them. I’m still finding my way.

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