Refresh Your House in the New Year

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dining roomThe new year is the perfect time to refresh your house with low-cost updates that pack a big punch. Here are some of my favorite ways to make little changes so that you can love your house now and make selling it easy when the time is right.

Add new light fixtures.

Few things say dated like old light fixtures. Take a hint from builders who furnish their model homes with the best lighting they can afford. Buyers notice when they are viewing photos online and they really pay attention when they are touring your house, especially in the dining room and bathrooms.

light fixture
Lamps Plus Lighting Fixture


Click here for advice on how to select the right sized ceiling fixture. 

Visit my post for more details on bringing a fresh look to your home with new lighting.


Replace an old fixture with recessed light for a super streamlined look.

Love Now Sell Later Atlanta Real Estatte

Click here for a handy guide.


Replace your coffee table.

Coffee tables are one of the focal points of any family living space. Why not invest in a new look now that you can take with you?

Uttermost Coffee Table
Uttermost Coffee Table

How to choose the right coffee table


Add a fresh coat of paint to the front door.

Trust me, buyers linger at the front door while they are waiting for it to be opened. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a good first impression with this low-cost improvement.

front door hn

I recently did this and what a difference it makes!


Lighten up an old, dark piece of furniture with chalk paint.

A visit to The Bird & The Bee in Smyrna will make you feel instantly empowered! You can either make this a very satisfying DIY project or let Betsy DiGiorgio and her staff handle all of the details for you! Either way, a low-cost happy moment is headed your way! I recently gave the chest below a face lift and it brightened the whole room.

chalk chest



Paint a dark room with a light neutral color

Try Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray on the walls and Benjamin Moore White Dove on the trim. This combination is what professional staging companies recommend because it photographs beautifully and looks clean and crisp. Freshly painted walls say “move-in ready” to buyers.

Agreeable Gray Thrifty Design Chick



Replace an old world painting with a contemporary abstract like this one from Gregg Irby Gallery.

People are drawn to art. If you have been thinking of freshening your look, here’s one place to start.

Gregg Irby Gallery Ritva Porter High Country

Visit Gregg Irby Gallery’s website for more ideas.


Replace your kitchen hardware.

The possibilities are endless from Home Depot or a specialty hardware source. A hardware upgrade is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to renovate your kitchen.



Sand and paint a rusty iron exterior railing.

Just like the front door, don’t let buyers walk up to your entrance and conclude that the rusty railing is a sign that your home hasn’t been maintained properly. Painting your railing is a weekend project that will pay off.

Photo credit: Remodelano la Casa

Visit Remodelano la Casa for how to’s.


Change out old light switches and outlets for new white ones.

Ew! No one wants to see yellowed, dirty outlets and switch covers. Changing these out, especially in the most visible places will give you a clean, new look.



Of course you should contact your electrician or handyman, but people have been known to tackle this task in DIY mode. If that’s you, then check out the following links.

How to replace an electrical outlet

How to replace a light switch

Make any of these projects a priority and you’ll be happy with the results!

Read my January/February 2018 Update

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