Home Again House Envy

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One King’s Lane

After seeing the movie Home Again, I realized that it was an entertaining chick flick with a happy ending but what really makes me want to see it again is the house. It’s comfortable, happy and fresh!  I love walking into a house that is clean, bright and creates a sense of a lifestyle in which buyers want to move right in. The furnishings and accessories don’t have to be expensive but they do have to show the home to it’s best possible advantage so that the buyer wants to learn more.

BLOG5_HOMEAGAIN_090717 dining
One King’s Lane

This house captivates me. It’s light, bright with natural textures and neutral tones and just enough color to make it warm. It’s a collected or curated look that makes invites you to stay. The house is a typical beautiful Brentwood Spanish style and the interior is a New York meets LA Bohemian.

BLOG10_HOMEAGAIN_090717 slipcovers
One King’s Lane
home-again-movie-houe-habituallychic-008 office
Habitually Chic

The creamy white walls an natural floors photograph so beautifully. I know we can’t all have those windows. They make the room.

home again tv room la-1505174234-yldhnzrqkd-snap-image
Amy Neunsinger

Any house that is professionally staged brings more buyers in and adds value to the sales price, but one that has a few personal touches invites the buyers to stay longer. I don’t mean quirky, just elements that make it look loved and lived in.

This chest. I love the way it adds a bit of old soul to warm up the room. I guess we can bring our blue and white pottery out again.

BLOG8_HOMEAGAIN_090717 chest
One King’s Lane

Back to the chest, it prompted me to run to see Betsy DiGorgio at The Bird & The Bee for an emergency lesson on chalk painting an old chest. The closes color is Paris Gray in case you’re wondering. Betsy is so wonderfully helpful. If you are considering bringing fresh life to older pieces please visit the website.

bird and bee

home-again-movie-houe-habituallychic-015 patio
One King’s Lane – Pottery Barn Table and Chairs

To see more of the house and find out how to get the look visit:

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