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When Was Your Last Chimney Inspection?

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Atlanta Chimney Inspection Love Now Sell LaterNow is the time to schedule a chimney inspection and cleaning, before fall burning season arrives and companies get super busy.  A chimney inspection will consist of  a visual check of the fireplace and chimney and a visit to the roof to look for creosote buildup, soot and damage to the flue. You’ll have a safe fireplace and any smokey smell in your house will be removed.

Are you only using gas logs? Still have it checked out. Settling and build up occurs over time and debris left by birds and other animals should be removed.

If you don’t already have a chimney cap you should install one as it performs the following duties:

  1. Keeps moisture out and moisture is your home’s worst enemy. It can cause mold and result in structural changes to your chimney.
  2. Keeps animal nesting activity to a minimum. Who wants a dead animal in a chimney?
  3. Keeps leaves and branches out of your chimney.

If you are considering selling your house soon, then I would definitely recommend a chimney inspection and cleaning to avoid expensive surprises when you sell.

Be careful when selecting a chimney sweep! Prices and expertise vary widely among vendors in Atlanta. Looking for a trustworthy and reputable chimney company? Contact me for a list.


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