Add a Privacy Hedge to Your Atlanta Home

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When I have a client who needs a privacy hedge my go-to guy is Dan McEver, owner of Maxham Farms Landscape & Lawn Care. Dan has deep roots in the Atlanta area and has provided the highest level of landscaping and plant care to his loyal customers for over 16 years.

A beautiful hedge of evergreen plantings provides a buffer from street noise and your neighbors’ back yards. It can add shade, block wind and usually costs less than a fence. It’s certainly more attractive because it’s green and natural!

Dan does a great job in recommending the ideal mix of fast-growing plants for homes in Atlanta. Plan on spending around $35-40 per linear foot depending on your plantings.

Some of his favorites are:

Nellie R. Stevens Holly



Recurve Ligustrum



Needlepoint Holly or Burford Holly


To learn more about Dan’s services or how you can add a privacy hedge contact him.

Dan McEver
Maxham Farms Landscape and Lawn Care

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