Love Your House: Time to Clean out and Recycle

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Did Santa bring electronics for the kids this Christmas? Have any old cell phones or tvs sitting around your house? Any non-working tree lights sitting in a box somewhere? What about paint cans?  If you want to love your house and make it easy to sell later, don’t go into the new year with clutter. You can recycle it at the CHaRM facility, a permanent drop-off facility for hard to recycle materials, created by Live Thrive Atlanta.

CHaRM’s annual Holiday Clean up begins on January 7th. You can take your wrapping paper, electronics, tree lights, packaging, clothing,  tree.

The following items can be recycled at no cost:

  • Plastics/clean, dry, empty plastic bags/ film packaging/grocery bags
  • Plastic food containers #1-#2-#5, clean and dry
  • Paper: magazines/office paper/newspaper/phone-books
  • Glass bottles and jars (food grade only)
  • Metal (steel, iron, brass, aluminum, or copper)
  • Metal food cans(please wash)
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Printer cartridges
  • Textiles
  • Styrofoam(please wash)
  • Batteries(Zinc Carbon, Button,Lithium,Rechargeable, Car)
  • Household fats/oil/grease
  • Carpet/Padding (Wall to wall only. Rugs only if reusable)
  • Waxed Cartons (Broth, Milk, Juice)
  • Wine Corks

Items with a processing fee:

  • Paint – latex and oil base  (First five 1-gallon cans free, each additional $2. First two 5-gallon buckets free, each additional $3.)
  • Household chemicals  (First two gallons or pounds are free. each additional $2 per gallon or pound)
  • Electronics (TV’s and monitors $15, TV’s must be intact)
  • Tires (First two no charge, each additional $2 unless a council member event. YOU must unload.)
  • Mattresses ($10 per set)
  • Propane Tanks ($10)
  • Large Appliances ($10)
  • Thermometers ($5)
  • Smoke Detectors ($5)
  • Alkaline Batteries ($1 per pound)
  • Bulbs ( First 2, 4ft & 6ft Fluorescent are free each additional $.50)
  • CFL Bulbs (First 5 are free each additional $.50)
  • Paper Shredding (paper is placed in a secure bin, Iron Mountain picks up once a week. Two bankers boxes are free each additional $2.00)

For a list of all items accepted , directions and hours visit:

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