What Is Your Design Style?

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Are you suffering from a home style identity crisis? Can you name your style? If you updated a room this week, do you know which design direction you would choose? In an effort to give away furniture you no longer need are you struggling with which pieces to keep?

The underlying concept behind Love Now Sell Later is to, well, LOVE your house! If it’s out of control and not your peaceful happy place, adjustments need to be made.


Start by identifying your overall design direction. To help you do this in a fun way, here are three quick quizzes to get your started.

Which country is most aligned with your style?

Which patterns are appealing to you?

What color should you paint your bedroom walls?

If you are looking for an efficient summary of design styles, visit Homedit.com’s guide to design styles.

Have fun with this! I sure did. My country was Sweden (reflecting my love of clean lines); my pattern was stripes (as close to solids as this quiz got) and a soothing gray for the bedroom (pretty accurate). How about you?



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