The One Bag a Week Challenge

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love now sell later one bag a week

Join me in the #onebagaweek challenge! Pick a day of the week,  take a bag of your choosing and fill it up with contents you no longer need or do not find beautiful. This isn’t an elaborate plan; it’s a simple one. You can isolate it to one room or travel about your house and exterior.

Remember not to overlook these spots:

Under beds
Laundry areas
End and bedside tables
Book shelves
Under your deck

For the first several weeks you may choose to focus on items which can be thrown away. Donations can come later and you will be inspired to continue the de-clutter process as you take the journey of learning  what you can live without.

You will love your house more and be one step closer to getting it in market-ready condition when the time is right. Let me know how it goes!

For more posts on de-cluttering see:
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