What Does It Cost to Buy a 4 Bedroom Home in Buckhead?

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4.5.14 2266 Fairhaven Circle, Atlanta, GA 30305-132

Looking for a 4+ bedroom home in Buckhead?  Know what you can expect to pay. According to home prices sales pulled from First Multiple Listing Service, the median price is a million dollars.

Has it been a while since high school math? Why don’t we differentiate between the terms median and average. Median is right smack in the middle of the pack, or the price at which half of the houses were sold at higher prices and half of the houses were sold at lower prices. It’s commonly used in real estate analysis because it’s not influenced by large fluctuations in house prices. Average, as we all know, is the total of all the house prices sold divided by the number of houses sold. You can see where using an average would be a problem where you have houses selling in a range of $200,000 to $2 million plus.

The first chart shows historical home prices in the combined zip codes 30305, 30327, and 30342.

ChartImg 30305,30327,30342
Average and Median Historical Prices in Combined Buckhead Zip Codes 30327, 30305, and 30342


Here’s the hard data represented in the chart above.

Historic Sales Price Trend Buckhead Zip Codes
30305, 30342, 30327

Primary Year Sale Price, Average Sale Price, Median
2007 $1,218,568 $982,500
2008 $1,186,438 $950,000
2009 $995,541 $795,000
2010 $961,746 $810,000
2011 $966,446 $755,000
2012 $932,963 $745,000
2013 $1,014,805 $845,000
2014 $1,081,675 $881,750
2015 $1,202,645 $1,000,000

As you can see if you are currently looking for a 4-bedroom house in Buckhead you have a decent chance of paying close to a million dollars or more depending on your criteria. There sure were some deals in 2012 weren’t there? Homes on the market in 30327, 30305, 30342 can be found here.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive zip code, 30327.  According to Realtor.com, 30327 residents have the highest income in Atlanta with an average age of 42. The median price of a home this year surpasses $1.2 million. Homes on the market in 30327 can be found here.

ChartImg 30327
Historical Sales Prices for 30327

30305 includes a broad variety of  homes including those in Peachtree Hills, Garden Hills, Peachtree Park and Buckhead east of Northside Drive. Consequently, the difference between average and median prices reflect the varying prices and a lower median home price at just under a million. Homes on the market in 30305 can be found here.

ChartImg 30305
Historical Sales Prices for 30305

30342, the most affordable of the three zip codes, encompasses North Buckhead and Chastain Park and has a median price of just over $800,000. The difference between average and median prices reflects newer construction of larger homes since 2000. Homes on the market in 30342 can be found here. 

Historical Sales Prices for 30342


 If you are considering a move, know what’s ahead in the buying process and let me know if I can assist you. I’ll guide you smoothly through each important step of the process.
Lesa Bell

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