Dryer Vent Cleaning Makes Your House Safer and Fresher

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another clogged dryer vent

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Do you remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? If you don’t, chances are that it’s time to clean it. Your dryer runs less efficiently with a clogged vent, and fires can occur with excessive lint build up. I recently had mine cleaned and it was filthy.

I had Matt from the Dryer Vent Doctor pay a visit. He pulled the dryer out, disconnected the transition hose and intended to clean it but since my dryer was old, I had the outdated flexible hose which is no longer up to code. The slinky-like material easily traps lint, blocks airflow and is a fire hazard because it’s made of flammable plastic. Take a look at this blog post from Pretty Handy Girl which will explain why you want to replace a flexible hose with a semi-rigid one. I am not a DIYer which is why Matt from Dryer Vent Doctor came to the rescue.

Your house will be cleaner and safer and your dryer will use less energy.
Matt from Dryer Vent Doctor

Matt Bales/404-901-4412
Dryer Vent Doctor/http://dryer-vent-doctor.com



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