What Buyers Want: Garage Storage. How to Maximize Yours

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Now Is the Time to Organize Your Garage

 Lesa Bell Atlanta Real Estate
A tidy garage creates the perception of a well-maintained home. Buyers want organized storage areas. Here’s how to maximize your garage space.
  • Cleanout. Make three piles: trash, donate and keep. Read more on the fastest way to empty your garage.
  • Sort and store the items you decide to keep in stackable clear plastic boxes.
  • Dispose of old paint and other chemicals. Read more on what to do with paint cans.
  • Map out your new storage plan which will place everything on walls. Aim for getting everything off the floor for easy cleaning.
  • Open shelving with labeled boxes is the most economical method.
  • Pegboards can organize sports equipment and yard tools.Store long, flat, infrequently-used items overhead.
  • Consider painting your garage floor with epoxy paint as it is the easiest surface to clean off oil and grease.
Home Depot sells affordable ceiling and wall storage.

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