January Deals to Update your House

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Updating your house in January can be a wise move. Cash in on these January deals to love your house now, making it easier to sell later!
  • Fitness equipment – ellipticals, treadmills and accessories to finish out your exercise room
  • Furniture – retailers are clearing the way for new, 2015 collections in February forcing them to clear out inventory.
  • Flooring – January is a slow month for hardwood flooring companies and carpet vendors. Cash in on the post-holiday lull.
  • Bedding and bathroom linens – The Winter White Sale is a time-honored American tradition since 1878. You’ll find the best prices of the year for sheets, comforters, towels and pillow                                                    s.
  • Large appliances – stores will want to make room for newer models so now may be the time to upgrade your kitchen to stainless steel.
  • Houses – January is one of the best months to buy. Wait until March and you may be competing with multiple offers and bidding wars, especially in the entry and move up levels.
Source: DealNews, DailyFinance

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