Thinking of Putting Your House on the Market in the Spring? Know What Buyers Want and Get Started Now

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Lesa Bell Atlanta Real Estate

So you are thinking of selling your house in the spring? Get started now to get your house in top shape for the spring market. Your efforts will pay off as you increase your home’s appeal and value.

Here’s my checklist for clients:

  1. I show them  the current competition should they list today, showing interior and exterior photos and pricing
  2. I Invite a qualified home stager to evaluate and recommend improvements to be made
  3. We walk around the exterior of your home to look for rotted wood, areas that need painting, and recommend landscaping updates
  4. De-clutter and clear out  items
  5. In most cases, old wallpaper and dated draperies should be removed
  6. Simplify, de-personalize and de-clutter so that your home will photograph at its highest possible potential
  7. Identify any musty or mildewy smells and correct the source of the problem

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