How to Dispose of Old Paint in Atlanta-No Buyer Wants Your Rusty Paint Cans

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Join me in cleaning out my garage and basement where old paint cans have accumulated. Some cans were hidden under the deck and they are completely rusted. Trust me. No buyer wants your rusty old paint cans. Soon the guilt over my procrastination will end thanks to  Atlanta Paint Disposal which offers residential and commercial drop off service for oil-based and latex paint. All prices are a flat rate based on container size.

Two Convenient Atlanta Drop Off Locations Are:
Armisted Paint
3210 Roswell Road
Atlanta 30305

Waste Management
207 Plant Atkinson Road
Smyrna 30080

Drop Off Service Prices and hours vary by locations. If you have any questions please verify with the individual location where you plan to drop off your paint. Prices are $3 for a gallon can of latex, $5 for oil-based. Paint should be in the original container and should not be mixed with anything including other paint. Solvents, thinners and other paint supplies are not accepted.

There is no minimum drop off requirement.They will even take my rusted cans! There is also a pick up service which charges slightly higher prices.

Go to Atlanta Paint Disposal for more information., or call 404-333-8763 with questions.

Live Thrive Atlanta now has a collection center for even hard to recycle items. Read more here.

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