How Does Your House Handle Summer Showers. Time to Inspect!

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Lesa Bell Love Now Sell Later


Summer showers are a great time to observe how the water flows off the roof of your house, and where it accumulates once it reaches the ground.

  • Make sure the gutters are tightly fastened, and that they are securely connected to the downspouts.
  • Look for signs of clogged gutters and have them cleaned if necessary.
  • Is the water accumulating at least five feet away from your house? Any closer will cause moisture to accumulate around the foundation, crawl space or basement.
  • Give your basement the smell test to sense if there is any moisture.
  • I recommend having a dehumidifier running in your basement-this is the humid south, and it’s the enemy once it enters our house.
  • Look for signs of water entry in your basement or crawl space.

Need any recommendations for gutter cleaning or waterproofing companies? Contact me for trusted names.


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