Neutralizing and Decluttering Your Home to Increase Value

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Next week my clients are closing on a house which they put in the best possible condition before putting it on the market. We priced it perfectly and guess what happened? Within the first week it was shown many times and the seller received a very attractive offer.

The sellers hired stager Monika Thiels and obediently implemented her recommendations. The first step was ridding themselves of clutter. They then took on neutralizing walls, floors, windows and furniture.  These smart sellers knew that decluttering and neutralizing was the key to staging their home for sale, and increasing their home’s value. They worked so hard, but it paid off!

If you are considering preparing your home for the market, the pictures below used in the listing information will give you an idea of your goal.

staging your house  Lesa Bell
Neutral walls, clear views unhapmpered by dark window treatments, and clutter-free


staging your house for sale Lesa Bell
Painted cabinets, updated countertops and appliances and new lighting


staging your house for sale Lesa Bell
Seagrass rug replaced the oriental, new and neutral sofa, heavy window treatments removed to let all of the beautiful light in


staging your house for sale Lesa Bell
Heavy curtains replaced with IKEA panels, fresh paint and neutral bedspread


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