Packaging Your Home as a Product Will Increase its Value

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Packaging your home as a product. Love Now Sell Later

Buyers look at your home from a totally different perspective than you do, and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Since many buyers initially see your house online, it’s critical to package your house so that it looks updated and competitive in the market. Below is a pre-listing action list to increase your home’s value.

Aggressively de-clutter. Rent offsite space if necessary to store items which draw attention away from the house and give closets and storage rooms the appearance of being inadequate. Make your house look like there is storage room to spare. The goal is to have half-empty closets beautifully organized.
Aggressively depersonalize. Remove collections, personal photos, folksy mementos, and any excess of sports memorabilia from shelving, tables, counters, chests, and walls. Buyers want to be able to visualize their lives in your house.
Clean so that your house sparkles. This can’t be overemphasized. A meticulously clean environment (this includes the garage) sends the message that the sellers have meticulously maintained the house. Clean windows, interior trim, all lighting fixtures and carpets.See my pre-listing cleaning checklist.
Neutralize and brighten. Paint all walls pleasing neutral colors, replace dark carpets with neutral hues. Patch any dings and dents in walls. Store or reupholster dark or worn furniture. Consider storing outdated or unusual artwork. Simplify bedding with fewer items in light, soothing colors. Remove dated wallpaper and drapes that recall a bygone decade.
Accessories. Less is more. Consider updating furniture with a few fresh and simple pillows.
Kitchens. Replace worn countertops with granite. Paint worn cabinets and replace hardware. Update old appliances with new ones in stainless steel. Present clear and clean countertops, free of small appliances, spices, oils and knick knacks. Clear the refrigerator of all sports schedules, menus and photographs.
Bathrooms. Consider replacing countertops if necessary. Replace outdated plumbing fixtures. Have grout cleaned or replaced so that it looks like new. Organize under counter storage space and remove unnecessary items.
Lighting fixtures, switch plates, hardware, lampshades. Update these important features to give your house a look that is new and fresh.
Cut corners. Remove any large pieces of furniture that block traffic flow and may make the room look smaller than it really is. You have permission to leave corners empty.
Exterior curb appeal. Pressure wash and paint if necessary. Replace any rotten wood and damaged gutters. Add pine straw or other mulch. Freshen planters on the front porch.

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