What Color Are Your Outlets?

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You know how you start a home renovation project and then begin noticing all of the other things that need updating? Well, it’s even worse if you are a real estate agent. I know what looks good to buyers and really need to practice what I preach. After some flooring changes and the necessary touch up painting that follows, I became focused on my outlet covers. My husband hates this by the way. In new houses today most outlets and  switch plates are white, unless the walls are extremely dark. What to do with my 1969 house? Eventually the outlets go bad and can be a fire hazard, so I do have some utilitarian purpose for changing them out. We all want to be safe, right!

Love Now Sell Later Outlet and Switchplates
Grandma-Style Painted Outlet

Back in the day, I thought painting them was a good idea to camouflage them. Not only does it look grandma-style but it shows all the fingerprints and dirt and can’t easily be cleaned. I am assuming that any leftover shiny brass, wooden or otherwise decorative outlet covers have been purged, correct?

Love Now Sell Later Outlet Udate
Outlet Matches Subway Tile Backsplash

In my kitchen I matched the outlet to the ivory subway tile  back splash. When you have so many outlets in such a prominent place you do need to match them.

Love Now Sell Later White Outlet
White Outlet

Here’s a new white outlet that was recently replaced when old one started sparking. See what I mean about the fire hazard? Wish I had a good picture of a new outlet on my grayish blue and tan walls that would show the contrast but I’m just beginning the project. The outlets can very reasonably be purchased at Home Depot in construction packs of 10.

Today, white outlets looks crisp, new and utilitarian. If your walls are dark or paneled, you can explore other options such as black or dark brown. Get some design input for these circumstances. When I am the agent for an older home I love being able to tell prospective buyers all the owners have done to update the home along the years. This is a great update to add to the list, and you will enjoy the new look now. Let me know what you think!

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