My Favorite Room Sprays

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While I don’t advocate masking smells. After you’ve eliminated sources of musty odors and thoroughly cleaned your house, sometimes you just need a spray to rid your house of stale cooking or pet odors. Sometimes I like to keep one with me to very lightly spray before a showing. Natural and spa-like is the scent we are going for.

Here’s a rundown of my favorites starting with Aura Cacia which is $8 a bottle and is available at Whole Foods. I like Eucalyptus and Peppermint because of their purifying scent and all natural ingredients. A good fit for bathrooms and kitchens, you will like the freshness it brings to a house.

Love Now Sell Later

Love Now Sell Later

Next is Zum-Mist in Rosemary Mint, priced under $12, and available at natural food stores and online. Wonderfully clean scent that I spray in the evenings to counteract dinner smells and before guests arrive.

Love Now Sell Later

My new luxury favorite, Luca Sea Watercress and Chai Tea, available at Huff Harrington. At $25 it’s a little pricey but it’s a subtle and elegant scent that you will love.

Love Now Sell Later Lucia Room Spray

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