Clearing Out the Clutter-Make it a Weekly Habit

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Clear out clutter

Do you do something to clear out clutter in your house every week? Find a Goodwill collection site near you and make it a weekly habit. It will make selling your house easier when the time comes. No one wants to see your clutter. It doesn’t photograph well, and it makes your house look like a burden instead of an opportunity. Now is a good time to:

  • Cull old Christmas decorations that look worn or dated
  • Donate old toys to make room for the new ones
  • Enlist your adult children to fill a bag with their clutter to be donated or thrown away
  • Remove old vases, lamps, picture frames and other unused decorative items
  • Clear out your bookshelves to create visual space and a more updated look

I just completed a bookshelf makeover and donated many books to the library which will sell them in their annual sale to provide operating funds. Not only did I increase the marketability of my house, but helped my local library as well.   Make de-cluttering a weekly habit!

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