Free Electronics Recycling in Atlanta Coming Up this Saturday in Buckhead

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Community Recycling

Keep Atlanta Beautiful hosts two recycling centers each month that serve Atlanta and surrounding areas (no residency restrictions apply). Most items are free to drop off.  Fees apply on some items. Please see below for details and guidelines for accepted items. or 404-249-5853.

BUCKHEAD 1st Saturday each month 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church 2715 Peachtree Road, NE* Atlanta, GA 30305 (Corner of East Wesley and Bolling Roads) OLD FOURTH WARD 2nd Saturday each month 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Walden School 320 Irwin Street NE* Atlanta, GA 30312 (Intersection of John Wesley Dobbs and Hilliard Streets.)

Accepted Electronics: Personal Computers • Monitors • LCD Screen/Flat Screen Monitors • *TVs • VCRs • Radios • Stereos • DVD Players • Microwaves • Power Supplies • Banking Equipment •Telephones • Pagers • Networking Equipment • Laptops • Keyboards • Mice • Power Cables • Medical Equipment (Non-hazardous) • Printers • Copy Machines • Fax Machines • Cell Phones • Transformers • Scanners • Portable Electronic Devices • Servers • HUBs • Ink Cartridges • Toner Cartridges • Remotes • Modems • Projectors • Cameras • Small Household Appliances

FEES (cash only) TV: $10.00  •   Wooden console/Plasma/Projection TV: $30.00  •  CRT Computer Monitor: $5.00  •  Cracked screen LCD/LED Monitor: $5.00 (no fee for undamaged LCD/LED monitor)

Not Accepted: Mercury Containing Devices (Thermometers, Fire Alarms) • Hazardous Chemicals/Materials • Light Bulbs •Florescent tubes • Bio-Waste

Non-Electronic Items Accepted: Styrofoam and Batteries

Click to see the Community Recycling Video:

Free Technology Recycling at Staples Anytime

Bring in your old office technology products to your local Staples and they will recycle them at no cost.

Items Accepted:

  • Desktop and all-in-one computers
  • Laptops, tablets, eReaders
  • Monitors
  • Desktop printers, copiers, scanners, faxes, multifunction devices
  • Shredders
  • UPS/battery backup devices (with or without included battery)
  • Computer peripherals including mice, keyboards, modems, routers and computer speakers
  • Small electronics including mobile phones, MP3 players/iPods, calculators, GPS devices, digital cameras, camcorders and cordless phones
  • Digital projectors, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, gaming devices, A/V receivers, video streaming devices
  • External hard drives and small servers
  • Rechargeable batteries (if 11 pounds or less)

Prohibited Items Not Accepted for Recycling:

  • Televisions
  • Floor model copiers and printers
  • Appliances
  • Large servers
  • Large speakers or speaker systems
  • Alkaline or lithium batteries (i.e., not rechargeable)
  • Lamps/bulbs

*Limit 6 items per customer per day. All brands of items are accepted regardless of where purchased.

To erase data on computers, try the free software programs DBAN  or Eraser. For mobile phones, check your user manual to get directions on implementing a factory reset.

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