Buying a Refrigerator Means Paying a Plumber Too

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Last week I finally took the plunge after a long over-analyzed decision-making process to buy a new refrigerator. We wanted to buy a model that was consistent with the price point of our existing appliances, and were also limited by our need for the counter-depth size due to the configuration of our kitchen. Although Consumer Reports rated Samsung refrigerators very favorably, we ended up with a Frigidaire because replacement parts are widely available, unlike the Samsung models, as I learned after a few calls to local appliance repair companies.  Despite all of my careful analysis, no one at Home Depot told me that I would need plumber lined up on delivery day. In our case, the water line had no shut off valve and we had to turn off the water to our whole house in order to avoid a flood while awaiting an after-ours plumber visit.

Few big box stores will allow their delivery people to connect your water line to the refrigerator, so make sure you have a plan in place.

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