Make Your Laundry Room Beautiful

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Is your laundry room one that you don’t mind your guests seeing? Have you put any thought into making a pleasant place where you don’t resent spending a little time? After all, most of us have to do our laundry.

This laundry room is so pretty that I’ve seen a buyer actually drawn into it because she could envision herself in the space and not minding it. It belongs to clients who are the homeowners of a soon-to-be-listed house in Chastain Park. The charming oval window is a big plus as is the delightful wallpaper. Caesarstone countertops are in a very current gray color that serves as a counterbalance to the femininity of the walls. The key to keeping clutter at bay is the crisp white cabinetry which also provides a good color contrast.  When everything is contained and out of sight a much calmer and inviting environment is the result.

Your updates to the laundry room need not be costly, but they can make a difference in the overall emotional appeal of your home to prospective buyers.  Why wait? Knock out the updates now so that you can enjoy them and make it easier to sell later.

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