Rainy Days Make Me Think of Downspouts

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corrugated pipe
Do you know what I think of on rainy days? Curling up with a good book? No: Gutter Cleaning and Rainwater Flow. That’s right. I look at the water flow during a hard rain, paying particular attention to where the downspout directs the water. I want to make sure water doesn’t puddle near the foundation and cause moisture problems inside the house.  Check the security of all downspout connections to corrugated pipes that divert water away from the house.

Since I’m looking at the downspouts, I might as well check the gutters. After the leaves have fallen, is a good tme to clean the gutters. Get a professional! I use Clear Touch Maintenance (770-761- 8110). During the professional gutter cleaning, ask the technician to replace burned out flood lights.

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